I have been invited to speak about chronic illness and invisible disabilities at Google and CitiBank as part of their diversity and inclusion programming.

I often talk at schools with groups of parents and students about vulnerability in media and art as a tool for youth empowerment.

I believe that “art can comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” In sharing my art with people, I strive to create safe spaces to be brave by leading with my own vulnerability. (I have many, many thoughts about this. Read about them here).

I always ask: How are you? How are you doing? What's making you happy? And, also, what's making you sad? Let’s talk about it.


Google: “Running Breathless,” Diversity and Inclusion at Work

CitiBank: “Running Breathless,” A Conversation About Accessibility

Manhattan JCC, ReelAbilities: Panel Discussion, “Running Breathless,” Chronic Illness and Mental Health

Mounds Park Academy: Storytelling for Social Change

The Coven: Storytelling to Make Space for Chronic Illness

Barclays HQ: “Running Breathless” A Conversation About Health and Mental Health

NBC, 30 Rock: “Running Breathless,” A Conversation About Health and Mental Health

And, maybe, if we stop to check in with each other, if we say ‘I see this armor you’re putting on every single day to navigate this world,’ if we give people space to be honest and if we lead by example, we can start to change the world.
— Google HQ, 2018